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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Path To Patelely Bridge II: The Bridge

 Path To Pateley Bridge, II
11 x 9", pen and ink

There is a beautiful, meandering river called the River Nidd, that eventually winds its way beside the path to Pateley Bridge. Being January, the trees beside it are without leaves but have moss growing up  their trunks. The water is calm and acts like a mirror, reflecting the trees and blue sky. The scene is soothing and peaceful.

The bridge in this sketch crosses over the river leading to an estate which looks more like a small castle. Since I have always been fascinated by bridges and anything that resembles a castle, I will draw the estate next.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Path To Pateley Bridge

  "Path To Pateley Bridge"
11 x 9", pen and ink

This blog post feels like it has been a long time in coming. For months I have known that I would be traveling to England to stay for several weeks. Having never been before I was so excited as I planned my trip. I had many questions but one thing I knew for sure, it would be completely different in many ways from my home state of Colorado.

I am staying in a little village in North Yorkshire called Glasshouses and from this village is a path (just over a mile long) that leads to a slightly larger village called Pateley Bridge where there are restaurants, a tearoom, art galleries, antique shops, a butcher, a bakery, a tempting candy shop and even a cobbler's shop. There is so much charm here I can hardly take it all in.

I haven't had too much time to explore yet, but I have taken time to walk on this beautiful path and
since I am more familiar with it than anything else right now, I decided to sketch it first.
Even though it is January, it feels like early spring. The grass is deep green, bright green moss covers the low stone walls that border each side of the path and then there is ivy growing everywhere along the way, even on the tall trees.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Reworking A Painting: Portrait Of A Little Girl

Here is another example of how a portrait looks after I go back and rework it. I ended up going over almost everything: her skin, features, hair and added wood grain to the buffet and texture to the rug. I enlarged her left foot and added light to the rocking chair. Her dress has more contrast with the lighter values added.


16x20, Oil on canvas

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Reworking and Completing A Portrait: Elena I

Going back to a painting after it has "rested" a while can be a great opportunity to see it with fresh eyes and make the needed adjustments that I just couldn't see before. Here is the "before" and "after" of Elena Running.



Elena Running 
16x20", oil on canvas

I pushed the background back further by softening the edges and adding a glaze. Then I lightened the values of Elena's hair, dress and eyes. I also added more color to her skin tones.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Performance Painting

 Angels In Worship
Painted at a Tweefontein Church Service, South Africa
March, 2011
Happy New Year! I thought today would be a good day to look back on 2011 and share some of the other paintings I have done this year that were created outside of my studio, on stage and at a variety of locations. While I love working with oils, I am equally passionate about acrylics on stage. Each painting experience was inspired and intentional -  making all of them unique and rewarding in their own way. I was fortunate enough to be invited to paint eight different times this year - each time in front of an audience - in worship
What a privilege it has been to work with incredibly gifted musicians and vocalists;  accomplished artists that are not afraid to say yes to the call.

The Cross
Painted as part of an Easter series.
Woodmen Valley Chapel
April, 2011
Painted as part of an Easter series.
Woodmen Valley Chapel
April, 2011

Painted at a conference for military wives.
Glen Eyrie Castle
April, 2011

Amazing Grace
72x72", Acrylic on canvas
Painted during the Chuck Limbrick Concert
Woodmen Valley Chapel
November 4, 2011
Madonna and The Christ Child
30x40", Acrylic on canvas
Painted during the Shannon Wexelberg concert
December 15, 2011
Woodmen Valley Chapel

Awakening the Artist Within
30x40", Acrylic on canvas
Painted at Solid Rock Church
December 18, 2011