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Saturday, June 11, 2011

World War II Portrait: Hjalmer "Pete"

Hjalmer, "Pete" 16x20 oil on canvas (c)2011
In August of 1941, Pete was heading to Camp Grant, Illinois for basic training. It was World War II and he was drafted. His posture and facial expression tell a lot more than I could ever say or imagine and so I'll let the painting and photo speak for themselves. (I've included the reference photo this time because sometimes I think it is interesting to see the very beginning of my creative path.)
 At the completion of this piece, I find myself thankful on several levels. I love a good challenge and this painting did it for me. The research, the conversations with some of  those who were closest to Pete and then the final surprise presentation to the recipient, his son, were all so rewarding. My life has been enriched and it was a privilege to get to know Pete in a special way. Throughout history one of the highest forms of honoring someone is to have their portrait painted; I'm so glad Pete was honored in this way.

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  1. Bravo! This was so much fun to follow. Fantastic results- you brought Pete and some history to life in this painting.