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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

South Africa: Portrait #2

Enchanted II, oil on canvas, 16x20,
Rita Salazar Dickerson (c)2011
There is always a sense of relief when I get to this point in a painting. I've signed it and right now it feels done though I really won't be sure until I wait a couple of weeks and then go back and look at it again. The variety of textures and contrasts in this painting made the experience of working on it so enjoyable. My hope is that the interplay between this young woman's colorful, detailed costume and the rustic South African landscape will tell an entertaining story.


  1. Is there some way that your model will get to see the finished work?

  2. I'm hoping so, Doug. I would like to make a high quality print of each of my South African portraits and either send them to the twins by mail or with someone who is going there. I think it would be a fun surprise for them. Or perhaps, if it is meant to be, I can someday hand deliver them.

  3. beautiful. enchanting. peaceful. I might like this on even better than the first. Her expression is very calm as if she just took a deep breath.