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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Painting Sheep V: Stages 1, 2 and 3

It was my last day in North Yorkshire, England and we had decided to spend it visiting Bolton Abbey. The history behind this place which dates back to 1120 is fascinating. The ruins were were impressive as were the surrounding grounds where we walked and enjoyed the afternoon. By now I had developed an admitted obsession with the local sheep and was so happy to see more of them gracing the pastures around the grounds of this abbey. I saw this ewe and her lamb watching me as I pointed my camera at them.

It seems to be working well for me, as I paint wet into wet paint, to first block in the colors and then add the details and texture with a small palette knife and occasionally a filbert brush.

 There is just something special about a mother sheep and her little lamb; it is a wonderful reminder of spring.

Next post: the completed painting.


  1. Hi Rita! This is so neat to see your paintings come together, the process is so interesting to me!

    1. Hey Chelsea!
      Thanks for your comment!I'm so glad you're enjoying this process. It is a good discipline for me - a painting journal that keeps me focused.