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Monday, September 24, 2012

Visiting Northern England: The Old Granary Tea Shop

The Old Granary Tea Shop
5 1/2 x 3 1/2 (sketch book) ink sketch
Rita Salazar Dickerson
Today was a rainy day and as I write about it this evening, it still continues to pour down. It was also the day for the yearly Nidderdale Show. Regardless of the weather, the agricultural show in Pateley Bridge went on as planned and I was determined to see it. I dressed in layers and put on every bit of rain gear I could gather. I packed my little sketch book in the outer pocket of my backpack along with pens and pencils. Even though my backpack had a rain cover, I was still paranoid about the risk of rain water reaching my sketch book so I dressed it in layers also: two small sandwich bags and then one quart size outer layer just for good measure. I was excited about walking in the rain. For added protection I took my red umbrella. In the end, regardless of all the layers, I still managed to get wet. The wind blew the rain at an unmerciful angle and puddles, resembling small ponds, were so deep at times I had to find new routes around them.

Once I arrived my desire to draw something of interest faded when I realized how impractical it would be to even think about setting my backpack down to retrieve my sketch book. The rain continued to soak the ground inside and outside of the tents. My boots could not escape the soft, deep mud or the puddles; the earth was saturated.

At this point I decided to walk around and just enjoy all that the show had to offer. Even on this rain soaked day the well groomed animals were a pleasure to see and the numerous competitions in various categories was impressive.

As I walked back through Pateley Bridge I passed The Old Granary Tea Shop. It looked warm and inviting. A few minutes later I turned around and  headed back to its front door. A table at the left front window was available, waiting for me. At last, the backpack came off, the sketch book came out and as I ordered hot tea and a walnut date scone I looked around for something to draw. As the waitress placed my order in front of me I decided not to think too hard and settled on the pot of tea, the creamer and my cup and saucer. I was going to draw the delicious scone but it was warm and I was hungry.

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