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Friday, May 10, 2013

Portrait Of A Little Boy, II

Portrait Of A Little Boy, II
 Stage 1:Painting in the figure freehand with a thin wash of Transparent Oxide Red, I loosely laid down my guidelines for the painting. The entire piece is on a 24 x 18" canvas, (much larger than the first portrait of him which was an 11 x 14") and it will include his entire body. I welcome the opportunity to paint the same person twice; it happens much more often when it is a portrait of a child. Sometimes one portrait is not enough when grandparents are involved and want one of their own! 

Now that I am at this stage, I can hardly wait to start progressing. Since I have already painted him once in this same light, a lot of the problems as far as color have already been solved. It will just be a matter of following my notes on color combinations of paint and values to work my plan.

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