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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Portrait Of A Little Girl: Clio, Stage 2

I had a full day yesterday. I wondered how I was going to fit painting into my schedule. I promised myself two hours at the easel. At last, when evening came, I began with a prelude of cleaning my palette and mixing new colors. After scraping and cleaning the glass surface I then brought out my paints. My goal was to paint Clio's eyes. Surely that would satisfy me. Well, it didn't. Before I knew it the adrenaline started flowing and two hours drifted into five. It was sublime.

Stage 2: Painting Clio's face. For her dark complexion I mixed Transparent Earth Red with Alizarin Crimson and then lightened it with Titanium White. I also mixed in Cadmium Red Medium to give her pink cheeks. The light blue reflected color is Cobalt Blue and Titanium White. 

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