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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Landscape Painting: Mt. Daly, Part 3

As I continued on with the stages of this painting, each brush stroke took me further away from my present circumstances and gently pulled me back into the memories of that quiet summer morning. I began to feel as though I was there again. The air was fresh and clean after the night rain. All was quiet. As I looked up, I noticed that layers of tall trees framed each side of Mt. Daly.
Stage 6: Painting the trees. I decided to use a darker value of green to block in the shapes of the trees and then come back in with lighter colors to give definition.
My goal was to keep these initial shapes simple.
I experimented with the shapes of the light clouds hovering beneath the mountain.
It was time to leave the clouds alone and see how they looked after I put more trees in.
Stage 7: Adding details to the trees. Along with the pine trees was the contrast of the aspens. They helped define the space between them and the forest beyond (as well as giving variation in color and texture). I took out the low clouds; they felt like a distraction. 

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