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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sketch Book Drawings: Hospice

I have a lot of painting to do but clearly, this has not been the time. I have been staying at a hospice center with my mom, waiting for my dad to pass. So, instead of painting, I turned to my sketch book to help break up the hours and record memories as my family waited and took turns holding his hand.

This sketch was drawn as my sister, Barb, gently held his hand. I think she was holding on to more than just his hand. She was holding on to his warmth, his love and sweet memories, 

Joseph was named after his grandpa. He waited too. The hours were long for this patient 8 year old.

Rhyan, also 8 years old, seemed to understand the gravity of the situation. She stood at her great grandfather's bedside and rubbed his arm. Posing for this sketch was a nice break. She sat so still! An ideal model.

The flowers in the room added beauty to a solemn situation. 

More flowers...

With lots of other family members coming throughout the day, I took breaks from my dad's room and wandered around the hospice center looking for other things to draw. This graceful green pitcher caught my eye. With permission, I moved it to a sunny window and sketched it there. I also photographed it with plans to create a painting of it someday.


                                 20 x 16, Oil on canvas

                               Rita Salazar Dickerson

This post is dedicated to my dad, Joseph O. Salazar. An accomplished artist, my mentor and friend. He will be missed by many.

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  1. I love this. Thank you for sharing this and honoring Grandpa in this way. What a beautiful way to live one's last days, holding the hands of the ones he loves.