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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Little Girl Portrait II: Gracie and the Balloon/6th Session, The Completed Portrait

oil on canvas, 11x14
6th Session
I had so much fun painting yesterday afternoon and into the night, I could hardly stand it! It is exciting when I imagine what  the completed painting will look like and then have it actually turn out the way I was hoping. Since this is not always the case, I like to enjoy these moments when I can!

I decided that the green grass in the background was not necessary and in fact detracted from Gracie and the overall composition. Once that was replaced with blue sky, I painted in the balloon and then as a final treat, added the bubbles, entertaining additions to an already light and airy composition.

Now, the time has come to let the painting "rest" a few days before I look it over one last time with fresh eyes and make any additional changes. Since Gracie is a Christmas gift, she will need time to dry before delivery and framing.

It has been such a pleasure painting both of Gracie's portraits.

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