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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Santa Claus Nativity Painting: Painting In Miniature

Wise Men Still Seek Him
11x14", Oil on canvas
2nd Session
Wise Men Still Seek Him
11x14", Oil on canvas
3rd and 4th Session
I underestimated how challenging it would be to paint everything in miniature. Painting baby Jesus half the size of my little pinkie's finger nail was so much harder than I had imagined. To keep myself from giving in to sudden urges to run stark raving mad into the street, I decided to take a more positive approach and play a Christmas movie. Sometimes just having something light and comical in the background keeps me slightly distracted and entertained. My first choice, A Christmas Story. Ralphie makes me laugh.
Having actual figurines from my parents' nativity helped me match colors and set the tone.


  1. I LOVE that last shot of the paints and figurine! And of course, I can't wait to see the progression of the paintings!