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Friday, March 30, 2012

Painting Sheep II: Completed

First, I blocked in the general background and foreground shapes and colors.

Once again I found myself fascinated by the lighting as I painted this sheep. Even though it was overcast, the light combined with the humidity created interesting colors which accentuated the beauty and expanse of the countryside. It was a patchwork quilt of colors all mildly different and complimentary to each other. I love the stone fence borders!

Sheep Painting Study II
oil on panel, 10x8"
After brushing in the main colors, I took out my palette knife and had fun adding texture; something to entertain the eye. I'm looking forward to painting a larger version of this.


  1. Hello... This sounds crazy, but are you willing to paint a picture and sell it? My mom and I traveled to England together, and she loved the northern countryside. So many sheep... And soany stone fences! All she wants for Christmas is a picture of a sheep near a stone fence with countryside background. Would you ever paint this same picture with a stone fence to sell? It sounds crazy... But I'm desperate.