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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Painting Sheep II: First Three Stages

These are the beginning stages of the second painting in my sheep series. This little 10 x 8" will be a study for a larger one to follow.

At this first stage I mixed Transparent Earth Red with a paint medium and lightly painted in the shape of the sheep and the hillside. Beforehand, I had prepared the panel by rubbing on (with a soft cloth) a thin wash of Transparent Earth Red and Ultramarine Deep thinned with mineral spirits.

For the sheep's black markings, I mixed equal parts of Ultramarine Deep and Transparent Earth Red and then painted his white markings with Titanium white tinted with Transparent Earth Red.

Next, I painted in the sheep's coat of wool with different shades of Titanium White mixed with Transparent Earth Red and touches of the black (wet into wet paint) so that the colors mixed in together on the panel.

I'm looking forward to today's painting session where I will start adding the colors of the foreground hill as well as the background hillsides. 

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