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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Visiting Northern England: Completed Painting #2

Reflections On The River Nidd
 Oil on canvas, 24x20"
Rita Salazar Dickerson
The February day was cold and wet. My fingers were numb as they held the camera. As I snapped the photos, I envisioned this scene as a painting. The River Nidd never looked more beautiful to me. Even the bare branches up above, dusted with snow, seemed as though they were dancing.

Stage 4: Painting the middle ground of water and river bank.
My goal was to keep it simple but I could not help but tell this story with interesting details. The reflections in the water from the bridge, the branches and the snow, all of it was important to me.

Stage 5: The under painting of the foreground snow bank.
Even the light snow in the foreground was good because of the texture that was created from the grasses and stones protruding from underneath.

Stage 6: Completing the foreground; adding the grasses and the final details.
 As I work on this series of paintings of North Yorkshire, England,  there is definitely a sense of accomplishment when I take the photo of the small 10x8" study with the final painting. Its fun to observe and compare the changes and enhancements that were made in the final piece - such as adding more color and thicker paint to virtually everything. I will set this painting aside and let it "rest" for a while until I can see it with fresh eyes again. Right now I am oblivious to any changes that might need to be made. Its time to move on and keep the momentum going.

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