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Monday, July 2, 2012

Visiting Northern England: Final Painting #1/Stages 3-6

Stage 3: Blocking in the ewe's body.
It felt good to get back to painting. I started by blocking in the major shapes and colors of the ewe's body with a No.8 flat brush.

These are the two palette knives I used.
And then it was time to pull out my palette knives to add the wool texture.

Stage 4: Adding texture to the neck with a palette knife.
I started with the ewe's neck using my smaller knife.

Stage 5: The ewe's body.
At this point I was squeezing out generous amounts of oil paint onto my palette as I worked on her round, wooly body with the larger knife.

Stage 6: Legs and background.

I worked in the green background as I went to keep my edges varied and fresh. Her legs were a combination of brush and palette knife.

And now, its time to move on to her little lamb.

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