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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Family Portrait Painting: Part 2

Stage 3: Painting the clothes. If you study clothing, it becomes obvious that there can be many reflected colors in them depending on the lighting and environment. For Steve's yellow shirt, there are greens and oranges with hints of blue.  His khaki shorts also reflected light blue and hints of orange.
Stage 4: Painting the arms and legs. In situations such as this, I feel like I've been given a break having  to paint only one full arm and hand with one leg. I did have to give his other arm and leg (partially exposed) my full attention just to make sure that they are believable and work with the composition. As with all my work, I gave it my all but know, deep down, I will soon see things a bit more clearly and will make adjustments and corrections.

Now its time to work on Patty, Steve's wife.

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