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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Family Portrait Painting: Part 3

Stage 5: Painting the face and hair. The lighting for Patty's golden hair was ideal; it glowed under the morning sun.

Stage 6: Painting the dress. Her dress was more of a beige color but the reflected color from her surroundings makes it look lavender at this point. I'm curious to see how it looks once the other colors are painted around it. I enjoyed the detail of the necklace and the way it caught the light.

Stage 7: The arms and legs. It was nice to paint the light on Patty's shoulders and knee. After I finish this post, while the paint is still wet, I think I'll add a little more pink to portions of her back leg where the blues seem a little strong. Sometimes just looking at the photo of the painting helps me see it more objectively.
Now, its time for Sarah.

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