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Monday, March 10, 2014

Dog Portrait: Diesel

I would like you to meet Diesel, my most recent portrait commission. When I was asked to paint Diesel, I had no idea what he looked like but the minute I saw him, I knew he was going to be a fun painting project. Diesel gave me so much to work with. Long hair. Scruffiness. Personality. And eyes that see right through you.

10 x 8", Oil on canvas
Rita Salazar Dickerson (c) 2014

Stage 1: Sketching Diesel. With a thin mixture of Burnt Umber and mineral spirits, I used a #2 brush to capture Diesel's image. His head was slightly tilted so I had to make sure everything lined up correctly.

Stage 2: Blocking in the shapes. Working with three values, I applied a thin layer of paint for the underpainting, paying close attention to Diesel's features.

Stage 3: Painting the eyes.

Stage 4: Painting the nose.

Stage 5: Adding darker values.

Stage 6: Blocking in the background. I chose a warm orange as my underpainting for the background to compliment Diesel's hair color.

Stage 7: Completing the background.  To match the shine in Diesel's nose, using a coarse brush, I applied lots of thick, light blue paint which added drama to the background. I carefully allowed bits of the orange to show through as I placed wet paint onto wet paint.
Stage 8: Completing the painting. With a palette knife and brush I applied the the paint liberally to capture Diesel's magnificent hair which in turn added great texture and personality to an already charming face.

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