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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Family Traditions

I love family traditions. Three years ago when my first granddaughter turned two, I thought of how fun it would be to present her with her very first oil portrait that she could call her own. I realized even then the commitment  I would be making to all my future grandchildren. And so here I am at portrait number two in a series that I hope will continue for quite some time. If I am to be blessed with grandchildren, why not celebrate each one with a portrait?

I really liked this pose of Julia because it was so natural and relaxed. No one had fussed over how she looked that Christmas morning or whether her hair was combed just right. I liked her lopsided satin bow on her dress and the way her thick velvet strap fell off of her shoulder. It was such a carefree morning that my only goal was to take a few pictures of her in her special dress before it was nap time. I had not planned on any of these photos being used for her official portrait but when I looked over the shots I had taken, I knew that I had "the one" I was looking for. Enjoy!

Miss Julia
 oil on canvas, 16x20

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