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Saturday, May 21, 2011

World War II Portrait: Olive Green

Research for this painting has been enjoyable. After  checking out U.S. military uniforms from 1941 on Google, I decided it would be helpful  to put in a couple of movies. First, I watched segments of Tora Tora to catch glimpses of the army uniform in color. My second and even better choice was Pearl Harbor. (And then of course I had to have popcorn to go with it.) The variations of the accessories for the basic uniform were confusing at times; light ties, dark ties, light hats and then dark hats. I think the values of the hat in the reference photo were helpful in finalizing my decision to go with a deep olive green.


  1. I am watching this develope Rita - my brothers and uncles and father-in-law were in the war at that time. I am going to look for photos.

  2. I am very interested in seeing the photos Holly!

  3. I love the title...sounds like something Van Gogh would say. So far, so good!