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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Playing With Paint

When each of my children graduate from college their gift from me is a painting. And not just any painting -  it is created from one of their own  photos they took while in college. I love this challenge because I  paint something that brings back memories for them and at the same time it enables me to create a piece I would have never thought of doing on my own. My daughter, Megan, took an art class in Spain during the spring of her junior year and chose a photo that she had taken of the city, Seville. She specifically requested a size she thought would work best for the subject matter, 14x40". Since the reference photo was an 8x10", my challenge was to create it as a panoramic. I brushed in the sky and clouds first. As I worked on the buildings I took out my palette knife to add texture and more color. There is an added sense of freedom when I am working with a palette knife. It can do things that a brush cannot. As I spread the colors across the wood panel I felt like a child again, playing with paint. 
 Oil on panel, 14x40"
Rita Salazar Dickerson

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