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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Painting Sheep IX: Stages 4 - 5, Completed

Painting always makes me happy. But there is something about painting this little lamb that makes her extra special.

Little Lamb
Oil on canvas,  10x8"
Rita Salazar Dickerson
She was born in the same month as my little newborn granddaughter. They live not far from each other. And when I was thinking about a baby gift for her, to welcome her into this world, I thought that a painting of this little lamb would be ideal.


  1. On behalf of your Yorkshire-born granddaughter--THANK YOU!!! Yay! She's going to love it! We love it! It's just beautiful. That truly is extra special!!! Which field was this lamb in?

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    2. You are so welcome, Emily! I am glad that you all like it! This little lamb was born on the upper field above the path to Pateley Bridge - across the road from the riding stables. We were walking down that country road after we had just come down from Guise Cliffe. She looked so adorably sweet and innocent just like your Yorkshire baby!