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Friday, May 25, 2012

Visiting Northern England: Landscape Painting #2

It was a news worthy day for weather in North Yorkshire; everyone was talking about the snow that was predicted. As I bundled up for a walk to the village, Pateley Bridge, I could see the storm coming. The clouds were heavy and the air was thick and cold. Coming from Colorado where winter snow storms are common, I was excited to get outside and walk to the village store, Elliot's Deli, and bring my camera to shoot some nice wintry scenes along the way.

The path to Pateley Bridge from Glasshouses is scenic regardless of the weather or time of year. The River Nidd makes it picturesque as it winds along with you as you walk.

This is one of the many scenes along the way that impressed me with its beauty. The small bridge crossing over the river and reflected in the glassy cold water was breathtaking.

The tall, leafless trees added drama to my view and allowed me to see beyond the foreground and into the snowy white distance.

Winter Reflections On The River Nidd
10x8", Oil on canvas
Rita Salazar Dickerson
As you can see from my stages, I painted from  light to dark, starting with the white sky. Painting the dark branches into the wet paint of the sky softened them. To complete the painting I used a palette knife to apply thick paint to the snow in the foreground, the tall golden grasses, as well as for the snow on the tree branches.

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