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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Visiting Northern England: Landscape Painting #1

Miles away from the fast paced beat of London, traveling comfortably by train, I discovered the idyllic countryside of North Yorkshire where foot paths outnumber winding roads, beckoning me to explore.

From higher ground I noticed that the shire looked like a patchwork quilt and the charming villages seemed inner-connected by a common thread of stone fences and rolling green hills.

On this particular afternoon my husband, Robert and I walked the path along the River Nidd from the village, Glasshouses, to a larger village called Summerbridge. It was a two mile walk with pleasant surprises, like this bridge, along the way. I decided to paint this scene for sentimental reasons. It brings back fond memories of walking under this large archway of "The Old Railway Bridge". There were two of these arches, one on either side of the river, with the middle section covering the river having long ago fallen down.

After blocking in the main colors I started painting in the details....moss covered branches, the aged stone of the bridge, fences and fields in the background...I took my time using a brush and a palette knife.

The Old Railway Bridge
8x10", Oil on canvas
Rita Salazar Dickerson

The path, dappled in light, invited me to go  forward.

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